(2022) Ultimate Flash Sales Banners Guide: Tips, Tools & Examples

(2022) Ultimate Flash Sales Banners Guide: Tips, Tools & Examples

Flash sales are all the rage right now… and it’s not hard to see why! They’re easy to implement, highly targeted, and incredibly effective. If you're not taking advantage of them… you're missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

With that being said, deciding to hold a flash sale is only one part of the equation—you also need to get the word out. To help you get a sense of the option you have for marketing your flash sale, at Newclick, we created this guide for designing effective flash sale banners. 

We'll be discussing tips to help your banner stand out from the crowd, as well as share some great examples to get started with below.

Let's dive in!

What Is A Flash Sale?

A flash sale typically involves a limited time offer of up to 72 hours (usually beginning and ending on the same day) in which products are offered at a significant discount, but only while supplies last. A successful flash sale will generate buzz, draw new visitors to your site, and boost your conversion rate.

Generally, flash sales are appropriate when:

  • The discount being offered isn't standard. A flash sale banner announcing a 5% discount would likely strike potential customers as underwhelming. Flash sales are best suited to either unusually large discounts or non-traditional discounts.

  • The products on sale are limited. Flash sales are great at cultivating a sense of scarcity (more on that later). This trait means they pair well with sales that won’t apply to every item you sell.

  • The discount isn't going to last long. This point is probably fairly obvious. A flash sale is—by nature—short-lived, so buyers will need to take advantage of them ASAP. That’s what makes them so effective!

Are Flash Sale Campaigns Effective?

There's been a lot of research on the efficacy of flash sales over the years… and the findings are pretty impressive!

Here are some highlights:

8 Tips For Designing Effective Flash Sale Banners

The tips below will help you create a killer flash sale banner: 

1) Make It Feel Exclusive

The main distinction between a flash sale and a traditional sale is its exclusivity. People need to feel like they've stumbled upon something special. You know—right place, right time! 

To create this feeling, offer a greater price reduction than usual or give a discount on a product lineup that is typically full price. You could even offer free shipping (if that’s not something you usually offer)!

2) Cultivate Feelings Of Scarcity

Scarcity is a key element of any flash sale. Making customers feel as though they're missing out drives them to shop with urgency in order to avoid missing the sale. “Don't miss out,” “while stocks last,” or similar phrases are also effective at creating FOMO. Hotels are quite good at doing this, but the same principles apply for online stores. If you’re feeling gutsy, you may even increase your pricing as demand goes up or days pass similar to how Steph Smith did for her ebook sales!

3) Include A Call-To-Action

Include a button or link in your banner that directs people to the flash sale product lineup or a dedicated section of your site. “Shop Now!” or “Don't Miss Out!” are great examples.

4) Make It Pretty

Eye-catching visuals and colors are often important elements of flash sale banners. After all, you only have a few seconds to catch a customer's attention

If you’re going with photos, include lifestyle images that look authentic and avoid overselling with cheesy stock photos. If you’re going for colors or patterns, strike a balance between standing out and blending in. 

For more in-depth advice, check out this guide about creating beautiful announcement banners

5) Choose Quality Fonts

Fonts are one of the most important elements in your banner design, especially if you're using flash sale banners for ecommerce. Make sure they're readable and don't obstruct the images!

6) Stay On-Brand

It's critical to design your flash sale properly if you want your sales to benefit. However, while you want your banner to be eye-catching, you'll want to steer clear of off-brand colors, fonts, and language. Your flash sale banner should stand out on the page while still feeling at-home.

7) Write Clear Copy

Your sales copy needs to inspire readers to take action—action verbs (e.g., clickshop, and read) are helpful in this regard. However, a big part of inspiring action is making sure your copy is easy to understand. Avoid using highfalutin' words or jargon—mention what's on sale, how much of a discount the customer will get, and how long the offer will last.

Note: Struggling to come up with copy that inspires action? Let Newclick’s AI copywriter tool handle it!

Flash Sale Banner Examples

Designing an effective banner is all about attracting the right visitors with the right message. Before you design anything, it's important to write down some key points that describe what your banner will offer:

  • What type of products are on sale?

  • What is the discount?

  • When does this sale start and end?

These three simple questions should be enough to get started! You'll want to include some combination of these points (ideally all three) within the banner. However, we also recommend including some details about how the sale works and what makes your products different or valuable.

You should also use icons or visuals to make your banner more eye-catching (as we briefly touched on above). After all, the most important thing you need to do is stand out from the crowd! 

Without an effective design, nobody is going to notice your sales. Fortunately for you, we've curated a list of exceptional flash sale banners that give you an idea of what kind of creations are possible with a tool like Newclick.

Let's take a look:

Maje: Simplicity At It's Finest

This example is great because it distills the flash sale banner into its simplest form: black background with white text. Really, that's all you need to do.

Maje's banner answers all the important questions in as few words as possible:

  • What is being discounted? Friends and Family products.

  • What is the discount? 20% off.

  • When does the discount end? Midnight.

It leaves you with no questions and the desire to get shopping!

Masterclass: Minimalism With A Twist

As you can see, Masterclass takes a different approach when it comes to flash sale banners. Sure, the banner is still aesthetically simple, but it definitely stands out as a result of the offer it contains.

We've been conditioned to expect discounts to be specific percentages to the extent that seeing a 2-for-1 deal for an online course seems weird. That weirdness grabs people's attention and makes them consider the offer—which is what you want!

On top of the uniqueness of the offer, the banner does a great job of answering those basic questions:

  • What is being discounted? Memberships.

  • What is the discount? 2-For-1.

  • When does the discount end? Soon (vague, but still an effective answer).

Nectar: Dynamic Elements At Work

With this final example, you start to get a feel for the freedom involved with creating a flash sale and banner. Nectar opted for a non-traditional discount, a dynamic counter, and an email list sign-up requirement… all for the same campaign!

They tailored the flash sale and the banner to their specific business needs, and that's something every business owner should try to replicate. Just don't forget to answer those fundamental questions (like Nectar):

  • What is being discounted? Sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows.

  • What is the discount? Free!

  • When does the discount end? 3 days, 12 hours, 49 minutes, and 57 seconds.

By following the advice in this guide, you'll be able to create an eye-catching flash sale banner that will help increase the effectiveness of your sales for years to come. All you need to do now is create one!

To learn more about creating beautiful pop-ups and banners with Newclick, check out one of our handy guides.