Why you should always run a default promotion


I am always amazed when I land on a e-commerce store front and I don’t see some sort of promotion or deal. In my opinion, as an commerce retailer you should always run a promotion. The reason being is that visitors will likely bail 95% of the time so why not give them something to help them convert? And the thing is your business can likely stomach a 10% OFF discount for your product, it’s not going to matter in the long run. And think of it this way, if you convert let’s say 10 more visitors per day using your default 10% OFF sale, you’ve just covered your cost. 

Now you might ask yourself… “Well if it’s always running shouldn’t use simply lower your price by 10%?”. The answer is NO! maintain your price and signal the offer and more incentive. Customers are savvy these days, they are always looking for a deal, why not give them one? 

So give it a shot, create a promotion and have it constantly running on your shop. You can experiment with different copy and color themes, but ensure you are offering your visitor something to consider before they simply bounce.

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