Create, Design & Schedule Discount Banners

With promotional events like Black Fridays and Cyber Monday now eclipsing new heights, customers are willing to buy but often times looking for a discount. As an online store, you need to be ready to cash in on the frenzy. In this article we discuss how to setup your discount code and how to how to make your customers aware of your promotion.

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Create your discount using Shopify

Start By Creating Your Discount Code

The easiest way to discount your products is to use discount codes. It’s a tried and true method for generating an incentive to the buyer. Discount codes allow you to alter the price of a product using percentage, dollar amount, free shipping, etc. You can configure how many times the discount code can be used along with a start and end date so that you control how and when it’s used.

First, go to your Shopify Admin and click on “Discounts”. Then create your discount with a code that aligns with your promotion. For example, if you’re running a 10% OFF promotion, then maybe you want to create a discount code with the name SAVE10. This allows the buyer to quickly understand the discount they are offered and have an easier time remembering the code at checkout.

Pro Tip: Use a catchy discount code that aligns with your promotion.

Next Schedule Your Discount

You'll want to make sure your discount code is scheduled so that it can only be used during the duration of your sale. Shopify has an easy way to schedule your discount code. You can pick a start and end date for your sale. The discount will only be available during that timeframe. You don't want customers taking advanatge of old or outdated discounts, so make sure you stick to a schedule and that your discount codes expire. Look for the active dates section within shopify's discount code editor and make sure to set a start and end date that reflects your promotion.

Pro Tip: Use start and end dates for your discounts.
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Set a start and end date for your promotions.

Finally Schedule Your Announcement Banner

Now that your discount code is ready to rock, it’s time to schedule your announcement banner! Start by installing the app. Newclick helps you create and schedule promotional announcements on your Shopify store. You can schedule a start and end date for your discount promotions. Use countdown timers, links, and emoji. Choose your background and text color and make your banner look amazing. In the example above we use a link to allow the customer to apply the discount. Allowing your visitors to interact with your website is a great way to keep them interested, hopefully lowering your bounce rate. Also, if they feel like they already have the discount applied, they are more likely to make the pruchase.

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Image of the banner editor

Next Steps

Now you're online store is ready with a discount promotion. What's next? Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you're prepared.

  • How many promotions do you run per month? Per year?
  • How are you creating design elements for your campaigns?
  • How are you measuring your promotion’s performance, revenue, etc? These are some high-level objectives to think about when running promotions.

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