How To Create Shopify Holiday Announcement Banners and Discounts

We’ve all been there – we’re on a website and about to check out but want to make sure we’re getting the best deal. The company doesn’t have a promotion running on their page, so what do we do? We head over to Google to look for a discount code. Sometimes we find one, and sometimes we don’t. But when we do, it begs the question, why didn’t the company advertise that code on their site? Did they forget to create an announcement banner for their sale? Or maybe the promotion should have expired, but they didn’t set an end date. Whatever the circumstance, as a business, you want to remain in complete control of who is using a discount code and when. So it’s crucial to keep your site up to date with announcement banners.

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Holiday Promotions + Banners Made Simple

Holiday Promotions + Banners Made Simple

Today, it seems as though there is always a holiday to celebrate. For businesses, this represents a tremendous opportunity. Whether you’re looking to cash in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale frenzies, celebrate your company’s anniversary with a discount code or take advantage of the dozens of other holidays to run a promotion, your business and customers will benefit.

People are willing to spend money, especially around the holidays, but want to feel like they’re getting a deal. There’s no easier way to set up a discount code and advertise it than with a banner on your site. This keeps customers on your site –– there’s no reason to leave to find a code –– making them more likely to convert. Best of all, you stay in control of your promotion.

Here, we’ll walk you through a few simple steps to set up your discount code, how to create a discount banner code that stays on brand, is sure to capture your customers’ attention, and generate sales.

Create Your Discount Code

The simplest way to discount your products is by using a discount code. Here’s why: they’re flexible. No matter how you want to discount your products, a discount code will achieve it. You can alter the price of a product by a percentage, a flat dollar amount, with free shipping, and more. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, there is a discount code that will help make it happen.

When running a promotion you want to remain in control. When implementing discount codes, you have total control –– that’s the beauty of them. Not only do you set up exactly which products are discounted and at what rate, but you also configure how many times the code can be used, its start and end dates, and more.

Remember to align your code with the promotion you’re running. For example, if you’re running a 25% off promotion for Black Friday, you may want to create a discount code called BLACKFRIDAY25. For free shipping during the winter holidays, you may choose HOLIDAYFREESHIP. When you select a thematic code, you help your customer quickly connect to the discount they’re being offered, and they have an easier time remembering the code when it comes time to check out. By making the checkout process frictionless, you’re facilitating a sale and generating revenue.

Pro Tip: Use a catchy discount code that aligns with your promotion.
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Set a start and end date for your promotions.

Schedule Your Discount

It should go without saying that when you schedule your discount, you must schedule it with a start and end date. However, we’ve all seen it happen; a discount code should no longer be valid, but it’s floating around on the internet, and customers are taking advantage of it.

Shopify has an easy way to do this. Look for the active dates section within Shopify’s discount code editor, then simply set a start and end date that reflects your promotion.

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Create and Schedule Your Custom Announcement Banner

Now that you’ve set up your code in Shopify, it’s time to create and schedule your announcement banner. After all, if your customers aren’t aware of your promotion, you might as well not have run one at all. Luckily, it’s easy to add a banner to your Shopify store with Newclick.

First, install the free and easy to use app. Newclick is the user-friendly tool you’ll use to create and schedule promotional announcements on your Shopify store. Within the app, you can schedule a start and end date for your discount or holiday promotion banners to align with the dates you chose in Shopify.

Then comes the fun part: you can fully customize your banners with our editor. With just a few clicks, you can change the background and text color to match your brand identity, include emojis as appropriate, add links, and more. The result? A Shopify banner that matches your brand seamlessly, drives sales, and makes customers happy to spend money in your store (since they feel like they’re getting a deal).

What’s Next?

First, congratulations are in order. Your online store is set up to run effective, customized promotion banners that will help convert customers and drive sales. Talk about a win.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are always holidays or special events that you should capitalize on. Your next step involves some reflections about your business and its goals to make sure you’re optimizing your site and setting your business up for success:

  • How many promotions do you run each month? Each year?
  • How are you creating design elements for your campaigns? How much time and money are you spending on producing assets?
  • How do you measure your promotion’s performance? Is success a specific ROI? Customer acquisition? You’ll need to define your objective and how you measure it when you think about setting up promotions.

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