Grow your shop's traffic with guerrilla marketing


One of the best ways to grow your shops traffic is to use guerrilla marketing techniques. It sounds easy, but generating organic traffic using guerrilla marketing techniques takes consistency.

Interacting on Instagram

Interaction is the only way you can join in on the fun. You need to find a tribe you associate with and join in on the conversation.

  • Authenticity comes from knowing yourself and what you stand for. Before you can gain the respect and trust from your tribe, you need to find your authenticity. 
  • Get clear on your product or brand. What are you selling? Who is your target audience? Who are the other players in your space? What separates you from others in your market?

Use the search tab to find likeminded groups



Search for particular tags that you associate with your brand. Take a look at pages that you respect and find interesting. 

Then interact! Click into pages, scroll through images you find attractive and comment. Make sure you add something to the conversation. Lot's of people use this technique, but they fail to provide value. Don't just say "Hey. Cool pic, bro". Instead, explain why you think their picture is enticing.

What you'll see as a result is that people like to return the favor. Repeating this enough times to enough people will boost your traffic.

Always use @ mention

Using @<username> will notify them. They'll see that you are directing comments at them specifically and in most circumstances you'll get a response back. Once you've gotten their attention, start a conversation.

Ask them about their products, experiences and advice. When you ask for something, make sure you are giving something in return. Treat it like a first date, blow them away but also respect their time and point of view. Also interact with others in the group.

Become an ambassador for brand, product or service. Add to the conversation by answering other peoples questions. The whole point of this is to have a voice and to quickly become an authority within the community.  


Link your Etsy shop to your Instagram account

This one is straightforward. Link to your shop! The only way this technique pays off is if you have a way for people to click through to your shop. Edit your profile and in the "Bio" section, make sure to add a link to your Etsy Shop! The Bio is the only section of Instagram that allows clickable links, so take advantage of this! Every time you have a new listing on your shop, make sure to update your Bio with the "deep link" to that item. 

Find your band of brothers and sisters

Once you've searched around for your tribe and after you've interacted with them, start to find five to ten that you admire. These five to ten people will act as your brand ambassadors. They will be the first to recommend you to friends and family. They will be the first to comment on your new post. They will be the first to try out your new products. They will always have you in mind. Make sure to diversify these friends. What I mean by that is make sure everyone has an individual skill that makes them unique to the group. For example, if you are in the wedding industry, find a handful of individuals that work in or around weddings. One might be a photographer, a florist, a calligrapher. The idea is to have multiple people to collaborate with so that when they have a product shoot, blog post or event they are working on, you will be first to mind when your service is required.