Six Things You Need To Do For Etsy Shop Success

­Many people set up an Etsy account and sit back waiting for the orders to roll in. Well, if you are here you either didn’t do that, or you did and now you are ready to step up your Etsy store game. There can be a lot to do to optimize your shop, but here are 6 steps to fast-track the process a bit.

1. Dont get lost in a sea of Etsy sellers, brand yourself to stand out!

This can be the tricky part. There are designers out there who handle branding and logo design, but it can be pricey. That said, if that works for you; go for it. But if you want to do it yourself you are going to need to do some research. Pinterest is full of ideas and inspiration and if you search “branding” or “logo design” you can find a lot of great images. Use your art skills, or a great font, maybe some clip art, and then use anything from Microsoft Word to Canva to Photoshop to create images for your shop. You need a profile picture, a shop banner, and images for your bio. It also isn’t a bad idea to create some images for social media while you are at it. Make sure you settle on a few colors and only 1-2 fonts.

2. Set up a profile worth reading

There are a lot of aspects to setting up a good shop profile, and there are a ton of articles out there to help you. Our advice is to make it friendly and a bit personal while using keywords to help you stand out in search results. The internet is a noisy place, you need to stand out but also be professional!

3. Use product photos that arent going to send customers running

This is what separates the good Etsy shops from the not-so-great ones. Your photos need to be bright, well lit, and styled. Bad photos will turn customers away in a heartbeat, even if the products are amazing! Use your photography skills or those of a family member or a friend. If you have a bit of Photoshop know-how you can buy mock-up files or styled stock photos (there are Etsy shops that sell them among other places online.) Very clean, white backgrounds with carefully placed accents are trendy right now, and simple to create if you have the right lighting. Last, try to make them all a bit cohesive. Don’t take a ton of shots of a sunset over your product and mix them with a stark white layout.

4. SEO again. Yes, you need it in your shop, too!

We talk about search engine optimization (SEO) in a lot of our articles because it is so important! No one can buy your products unless you show up in feeds and searches! The place to use your keywords on Etsy is in your listing titles, listing descriptions, and in your listing tags. The title keywords will rank pretty high and so will the tags, but make sure to sprinkle some key phrases into the descriptions as well. Do some research! See our post for helpful hints about how to track down the best keywords for your items. Pro tip: use your stats page to see what search entries are bringing people to your shop. If you use the tag “watercolor flower” and you see that a few people found your shop by searching “colorful watercolor flower” or “watercolor living room decor,” you might consider adding “colorful” and “decor” to your tags.

Insider secret: You don’t need to include keywords already in your title in the tags. It can be tempting to repeat a keyword, but if it is in the title it is already indexed. Use up your keywords for other terms!

5. Without social media marketing, your shop is going to be pretty lonely

Facebook and Instagram are our favorite platforms for promoting Etsy products. Pinterest is not technically a social media platform, but it is just as awesome if not even better for advertising. It can feel like jumping into a black hole when you first start out, but you can do it! We have done it over and over, and we promise that it does get easier. Coordinating all of the platforms, making sure you engage customers, updating Instagram stories, posting styled process photos, creating ads, and closely watching stats are all important to keep on top of your social media presence. The best part of social media is that it is free advertising! You can pay for ads, which are great, but it costs nothing to start out.

6. Put your listings at the very top.

Advertising on Etsy is a great way to find customers who are already on Etsy and looking to buy. You can find the ads section under “Promote’ on the sidebar of your Etsy shop manager page. You then select what you want to promote i.e. one product, a section of your shop, or just your entire shop. Next, Etsy guides you through the process of finding keywords to maximize ad effectiveness, and then you set your budget. You will be charged according to impressions you receive (how many times it appears on a page.) The great part is that if your ad shows up fewer times than projected, Etsy will not charge you your total budget. Also, if your ad does better than expected they will not go over your budget. Make sure you keep an eye on how well the ad is doing by visiting your shop stats frequently. The app is very helpful in keeping track of your statistics, and you can do basic order management and messaging as well.


There you go! Six steps to jump-start your shop’s success on Etsy!

Your brand, profile, product photos, SEO, social media presence, and paid promotions all work together to create engagement which not only creates sales, but encourages people to be a part of your online community, and those are the best kind of customers: repeat customers! What methods have you used to explode your Etsy traffic?