Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

If you are an Etsy seller and you're not already using Facebook advertising you are missing out. Like we mentioned in our post about Pinterest ads, this is the golden age of advertising, so to speak, for small business owners. Access to advertising that can push products all over the web is available to anyone and any budget. Whether you have $3 or $300 to spend, there is a way for you to make social media ads work for your store. For more information, check out our post on how to set up a Facebook ad here. If you are still looking for a few reasons why Facebook advertising is worth a try you are in the right place. Here are three reasons we love Facebook ads.

EVERYONE has a Facebook

…even your mom and your really, really embarrassing cousin. Facebook is great because unlike Pinterest and Instagram, people from almost every demographic have accounts! Instagram is more popular with users under the age of 30 and Pinterest primarily attracts women under 55. Those platforms can be great places to place ads, and the optimal platform on which to run an ad really depends on your product and target market. If you aren’t sure exactly which platform to start on, Facebook can be a great choice considering it is popular with all ages and interests.

Facebook knows more about you than you think

Remember all of those accounts you liked, interests you shared, and friends you connected with? Facebook does too. Facebook has a lot of spaces for you to tell others about yourself, and not just in your bio. Targeted ads have a huge advantage on Facebook because the platform already gathers so much information about its users. If you wanted to target consumers for your custom sports team gear you would be given options to target people interested in sports, of course. But Facebook has an even better idea of which people are interested in certain topics and so your ad might reach people it wouldn’t have been seen by if you placed your ad elsewhere. Someone might be into sports, but if they haven’t pinned sports-related pins on Pinterest, for instance, your ad would be unlikely to end up in their feed.

Indecisive? Show off more than one product!

Facebook and Instagram both have slideshow options for ads, while Pinterest does not. Slideshow advertisements can be a good way to get more products in front of viewers if you are not sure which one will be your best seller. If you already have a product that is selling well or that you feel strongly about, you can run the ad with only that image. But for those who aren’t quite sure what to advertise a slideshow ad is a good way to go. You can aim for a variety of products or you can use the slideshow to present a really beautifully cohesive line of products. If you have items that go well together, seeing them lined up can be a great way to encourage viewers to buy a set.

facebook ads for all of your etsy products

One last thing…

Facebook advertising has one other really great feature: you can run Instagram ads right from your Facebook account! In fact, you can create an ad and have it run on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously and while using the same budget. That feature makes it a lot easier to keep track of how much you are spending on ads. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and if you have a Facebook page for your Etsy shop you can link it to your Instagram and have your Instagram posts pushed directly onto Facebook as you upload. This integration helps take a few steps out of posting AND advertising on both platforms.

facebook ads for etsy

Social media advertising is a fantastic way to have a big-business reach with a small-business budget. If you are a little unsure about how it works, you can always set up an ad with a small budget and limit it to a few days to see how it goes. Facebook is a great platform to set up your very first ad. It lets you present potential customers with multiple options and gives you a bit more control over the appearance of the ad than Pinterest or Instagram. And, like we said, Facebook has the most potential to reach very different sets of people. 

Interested in running Facebook Ads? Follow our step by step tutorial on how to create a Facebook Ad from one of your Etsy products.