What You Need To Know - Etsy Advertising On Pinterest

In our previous post, we talked about setting up a successful Pinterest page and utilizing SEO (search engine optimization.) If you followed all of those steps you already are on your way to organically grow a following and hopefully converting some of those followers to customers. We also talked about how Pinterest is a great place for marketing because many of the visitors to the site are already in the mindset to buy. The flood of information and products influences them to shop, and if you play it right, it will be your products that they click on.

If you want to take your Pinterest advertising to the next level and really drive traffic to your site, this article is for you!

Social media sites and Pinterest present an awesome opportunity to advertise your products. Several years ago, you would have spent a ton of money on an internet ad, but now you can see results for as little as $3 a day! Even if your budget is only a few dollars a day it can still put your post in front of thousands of consumers. We are always here to help, and there are a lot of good articles in the Pinterest Help section about advertising, too.

The main advantage of Pinterest ads: They aren’t intrusive!

It is pretty obvious which posts are ads on Facebook, and we are programmed to know that the content on the side of the page is paid advertising. Honestly, there is a lot going on in your home feed. The great thing about Pinterest ads is that they blend seamlessly with the other content in your viewers’ feeds. If you use targeting correctly your ad about your beautiful wedding gifts will show up in the feeds of pinners who have been saving pins about weddings and gifts or searching those terms.

So how do you set one up?

First, make sure you set up your account. Have some good boards and pins already going so that if your ad drives traffic to your page, there is a lot of content to show them you are invested and established and also so that you keep their interest. Next, all you have to do is click the “Ads” button at the top of the screen, and Pinterest walks you through setting up an ad. Besides the attractiveness and unobtrusiveness of their ads, Pinterest has a great advertising dashboard. Out of the top three places to advertise your Etsy products(Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest), Pinterest has the best and easiest to understand ad dashboard and set up. Even if you aren’t ready to jump in just yet, go ahead and try clicking the “Ads” button and take a look at the options.

creating pinterest ads

Customize the ad to fit your Etsy customers.

When you start to make an ad you might feel like you are being bombarded with questions. IT might seem like a lot, but these are really important. The first thing you have to decide is what you want the ad to do. There are five types of ads, but here are the three that matter for Etsy advertising in order of which types are most likely to convert to sales:

1. Traffic booster ads. You pay per click on the link to your site. So you don’t pay for repins, etc.

2. Engagement ads. You pay per engagement, which includes repins, likes, closeup views, and clicks.

3. Ads to build brand awareness. You pay per thousand views. These can be tempting, but don’t necessarily boost sales, especially if you are a small shop, i.e., an Etsy shop. Big commercial brands often use these. They can be worth trying, go with whatever works for you!

setting up pinterest ads

After you choose the type of ad, you choose your budget. One of the things that Facebook and Instagram do better than Pinterest is they give you real-time estimates of what the results will be based on your budget. So if you enter $X, Facebook and Instagram will both tell you that you will get an estimated Y-Z amount of results per day. Pinterest doesn’t do that, but their easy to use dashboard means that you can track your ad and if needed, adjust the budget. Next, you choose when/how long you want the ad to run.

This next step is crucial to get your ad in front of the right pinners and make sure it doesnt look spammy!

The audience customization section looks exhausting, but you wouldn’t want your homemade anti-aging cream ad showing up in a teen girl’s feed! And this is one area where Pinterest wins again! Facebook makes it a bit hard to specify your audience with their cludgy ad manager, and Instagram is not much better (but offers an auto-audience option to take the work out of it.) Pinterest’s interface is easy to use, just check the boxes for the audience demographics you think are optimal, and then select categories. Back to my wedding gift example: I would want to select “wedding” and “products,” at the very least. Then you enter keywords to expand your audience. If I was selling custom bow-ties as wedding gifts, I might add “men’s fashion,” “custom bow-tie,” and other words about my niche. Make sure to find some of the not-so-obvious ones, too. The previous post (link) talked about good ways to find keywords. Pinterest also lets you specify the language, location, device, and gender; but as an Etsy seller you want to leave the location and device options open, and language is up to you. Selecting gender can be helpful for certain products if your customers tend to be mostly one gender.

pinterest analytics

Last, make sure you watch your analytics!

Watch your Pinterest page stats, your ad stats, and your Etsy store stats! If you haven’t gotten acquainted with your shop statistics and insights page, now is the time! A lot of the process of advertising online is learning how to tweak the ad to your needs. many factors affect engagement: audience, timing, product photography, good profile, attractive shop, and sometimes just a bit of luck. We hope you are able to use this information to grow your shop, and as always we are here to help! Let us know if you try it out, we would love to know how it goes!