Why blogging might be your best sales tactic

Drive Traffic Through Story

Humans are storytelling machines. We all love to share gossip, tips tricks and hacks through the vessel of a well-crafted story. It still remains the best way to elicit emotion. You reach out to readers and put them in your shoes, allow them to see your business through your lens. It's a great way to humanize the process of starting a business.  

Market Your Product

As you tell your business's story, you will also start to drive traffic to your site. In each blog post make sure you include lots of hyperlinks to your product or service. Explain to the reader why they should use your product or service. Add high-resolution images that spark excitement within the reader. You can use graphs, charts and other types of graphics to help tell your story. The point is to leave no doubt in the reader's mind that your product or service is the clear winner. Make sure you create a sense of desire within the reader. They should finish reading your blog post with a clear call to action. 

Build an Audience

As you continue to consistently write blog posts you should start to build a following. Pick a framework for pumping out your content. Whether it's once a day, week or month doesn't matter, the point is to be consistent with your writing. After you create a consistent schedule, create a consistent theme. What is it that you talk about? What is your niche? Answer these questions and as you write, try to not stray too far from these topics. The idea is to become an authority in your market. As you build authority through consistency and expertise, readers will look forward to your next blog post. 

Gain Trust Through vulnerability 

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. You want the reader to know that you are human, you make mistakes and you learn from these mistakes. You want to be able to build trust with your audience and the only way to do that is to provide honest advice. Often times this advice includes failures and lessons learned along the way. Share business problems that you've overcome. If your a small business, share the emotional rollercoaster ride that you are on. Share how you felt when you landed your first sale. Try to stay away from lists. Don't write a blog post describing the "5 best wedding gifts" or "10 best hotels in Palm Springs!". These often times fail to emotionally connect with the reader. Remember we building an audience, not another Buzz Feed article. There's a new trend these days in entrepreneurship to share your companies sales numbers. What's your MRR, ARR and/or churn rate? This is a scary thing to make public, but if your comfortable sharing these personal details, often times you'll be rewarded with fans that appreciate the honesty. 

Platforms at the ready!

The great thing about starting a blog is that it's easier than ever these days. You can purchase a domain through Squarespace or Wordpress and be up and running within a couple of hours. There's no need to create your own website, hire a developer and design a theme. All of these things come prepackaged with the platforms mentioned above. It's easier than ever these days to be an influencer within your target niche. It's up to you to take the plunge!