Cloud Hosting Solutions

We help you go from 0 to 1 by hosting your website or service in the cloud. Servers, databases, storage, cacheing and messaging, we build out your technology stack, you focus on the business.

What You Get

  • Website Hosting

  • API development

  • Database Modeling and Hosting

  • Cloud Storage

Starting at $999/mo


Database and API Solutions

We work with you to develop a database model and API endpoints that you can use to store and retrieve important business data.

What You Get

  • Database modeling

  • Hosted Database

  • API endpoints

  • Dedicated Project Manager

Starting at $200/mo


Event Tracking Tags and Pixels

We help you gather the important business analytics that you need to make informed decisions. We add event tracking pixels to your website so that you can easily see who’s checking you out and what ads are converting.

What You Get

  • Facebook, Google, Quora and/or Reddit pixels installed onto your site

  • Custom Reports and Analytics

Starting at $99/mo