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Running promotions for your e-commerce store is one of the more effective tactics you can use to drive sales. It can help convert people that are “on the edge“ of buying but are having a hard time justifying the cost. These types of buyers are looking for a reason. A discount or promotion could be the catalyst they needed to pull out their credit card and make the purchase. In this writeup, I’ll discuss how to create your discount code, how to set up your theme and notification for your sale, and finally how to spread the word and drive traffic to your site so that you can convert people on the brink into customers.

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Create your discount using Shopify

Start By Creating Your Discount Code

The easiest way to discount your products is to use discount codes. It’s a tried and true method for generating an incentive to the buyer. Discount codes allow you to alter the price of a product using percentage, dollar amount, free shipping, etc. You can configure how many times the discount code can be used along with a start and end date so that you control how and when it’s used.

First, go to your Shopify Admin and click on “Discounts”. Then create your discount with a code that aligns with your promotion. For example, if you’re running a 10% OFF promotion for your enamel pin store (like I do), then maybe you want to create a discount code with the name PIN10. This allows the buyer to quickly understand the discount they are offered and have an easier time remembering the code at checkout. This is important because Shopify doesn’t have a way to automatically apply a discount to your cart unless you use their generated URLs which doesn’t make sense for banner promotions and pop-ups. Pro Tip: Use a catchy discount code that aligns with your promotion.

Prepare Your Announcement Banner

Now that your discount code is ready to rock, it’s time to schedule your announcement banner! Start by installing the app. Newclick helps you create and schedule promotional announcements on your Shopify store. You can schedule a start and end date for your discount or holiday promotions. Use countdown timers, links, and emoji. Choose your background and text color and make your banner look amazing.

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Image of the banner editor

Prepare Your Abandon Cart Email

Abandon cart emails are one of the best ways to recover a missed sale. They target customers that have shown interest in your product have reservations on pulling the trigger and making the purchase. As a store owner, providing an additional incentive in the form of a discount is one of the best ways to generate more sales and increase revenue. The best part being after the initial setup, it’s fully automated.

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A super-nice screenshot of an abandon cart image used for! 😀

Start by designing an abandon cart email that looks beautiful. You can work with your designer to include beautiful imagery that reminds the abandoned customer of how delightful your product is. Also, use copy that signals scarcity or limited time offers. Take a look at this example we use at Miku, a DTC company I work with that sells “the most advanced baby monitor”.

Notice how prevalent the discount is. We use bright colors to draw the customer’s eye to the discount code and also have a beautiful image of our product. We have a bit of scarcity built into the copy by saying “Place and order today” and also have a bright, large button to quickly drive them back to their cart with the discount applied.

Pro tip: Your abandon cart email is a great place to use Shopify’s discount URL that we discussed earlier. Use it in your “Return To Cart“ links to easily apply the discount to the user’s cart.

Once your design is ready, work with your Shopify developer to add it to your Abandon Cart notification. Go to Settings > Notifications and click on “Abandon checkout” and modify the code to fit your design.

Prepare Your Discount Pop-Up

You can capture email addresses in exchange for your discount. To do that, you'll want to create a signup form with the newclick popup builder. You can design a popup using custom colors fonts and text.

Pro Tip: Work with a designer to create hero images and copy.

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Create Additional Advertising Creative

Now that your website is ready with promotional banners, emails, and pop-ups, the last thing you’ll want to do is set up additional advertising creative to help drive traffic. This can be done by running ads on Facebook, Google, Quora, Reddit, etc. You’ll want to work with a designer to help you create ad creative that again, clearly displays your discount code and promotion. Here’s a good example of an ad we created for Miku. Note that it clearly displays the discount code

Pro Tip: Clearly display your discount code within your adverts

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A super-nice Facebook ad used for 😀

Pulling It All Together.

There you have it! You’re ready with your promotional theme, email notification, pop-up widgets, and additional social media adverts. Now it’s up to you to pull it all together and run your promotion. Use the tools available for scheduling and use a social media calendar to prepare these in advance so that you are not stressing on the day of your promotion. Keep iterating on the design and start thinking about how your content pipeline produces visuals and copy as a whole. Here are some questions to consider…

Pro Tip: Clearly display your discount code within your adverts

  • How many promotions do you run per month? Per year?
  • How are you creating design elements for your campaigns?
  • How are you measuring your promotion’s performance, revenue, etc? These are some high-level objectives to think about when running promotions.

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