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Square pegs don’t fit in round holes. In the same vein, you need to have the right Shopify banner sizes and dimensions to make sure that your online store looks sleek, enticing and professional.

Shopify banners are about a lot more than simply making your page look good - they are a crucial way of converting more browsers into customers and making your store more successful! A good banner is one that is aesthetically pleasing as well as conveying all of the relevant information that you want a customer to see when they click onto your store for the first time.

But how do you create a great Shopify banner that drives more sales for your store? At Newclick, we’d like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to creating the perfect Shopify banner, so we’ll tell you everything you need to know, from what size your banner should be to how to create a highly effective banner in the easiest way possible, using our AI-enabled Shopify banner generator.

Why a great Shopify banner is so important

A great banner for your Shopify eCommerce platform can be the difference between driving sales and causing confusion. It is one of the first things that a potential customer is going to see when they enter your online store, so it is vital that all of the most important information is professionally conveyed in a bold and clear way that is going to grab their attention. Improving your messaging through effective banner use is vital if you wish to find success for your online store; it creates a first impression, so you need to make sure it’s a good one! In fact, according to MakeBeCool, 70% of your sales depend on what design and slideshow size that you choose - so it’s essential that you get it right. It’s not as simple as creating a banner that you think works cohesively with your store - although that is also important. However, you must also take into account the fact that some colours and image types statistically get more clicks than others. Use past analytics or read studies in color psychology to find out which colors you need to employ for your store. Of course, we recommend hiring a good product photographer with an understanding of object placement and aspect ratios to create your images, but if you don't have a huge budget, you can take photos of your products with cheap lighting equipment, and crop out the background using a tool like Easy Photo Background Remover.

Recommended Shopify banner size and aspect ratios

The dimensions that you need to create the right Shopify banner size will depend on where you’re placing the banner and the theme that you’re using. For any image that you are using on Shopify, there will be a maximum dimension that Shopify will allow for (4472 x 4472), but that does not necessarily mean this is the size that will work best. In fact, uploading images this large may result in slower website speed and pixelated visuals resulting from bad optimization. These are two things that are terrible for user experience and can harm your chances of ranking on the first page of search engines for relevant queries. If a bulk of your traffic comes from search, you’ll understand how these two things can be highly problematic for your bottomline. In general, these following aspect ratios have been adopted by most themes. We’ve also included resolution size recommendations to keep your website speed lightning fast.

  1. Shopify banner (slideshow image size)
    Shopify banner app

    What? These are banners with text overlays that are posted on the homepage hero section as image slides (AKA slideshow images), as a blog featured image, or full shop background image.
    Recommended aspect ratio by Shopify: 1800 or 1200 (width) x 800 (height) px
    Resolution: 960KB

  2. Mega menu images
    Shopify banner app

    What? These are images that show when you trigger an expandable menu on Shopify.
    Recommended aspect ratio: 360 x 640 px
    Resolution: 288KB

  3. Newsletter/discount popup
    Shopify banner app

    What? These are popups that drive customers to an action.
    Recommended aspect ratio: 425 x 575 px
    Resolution: 250KB

  4. Featured promotion images
    Shopify banner app

    What? These are images to incite customers into exploring your hot deals and other items currently under promotion.
    Recommended aspect ratio: 840 x 840 px
    Resolution: 882KB

  5. Login background images
    Shopify banner app

    What? These are images behind your login screen
    Recommended aspect ratio: 840 x 840 px
    Resolution: 882KB

  6. Shopify header image
    Shopify banner app

    Height no more than 120 px
    Resolution: 144KB

    Here are other key things to consider when deciding on the dimensions to create the perfect Shopify website banner size:

    • You want to use themes that also show images well on the retina display. Otherwise, your images might not look as well on mobile devices or desktop platforms with retina display.
    • Image size recommendations may vary depending on the theme you are using, so the best place to begin is by looking at the theme’s specifications. This will give you the best chance of a clear picture.
    • Remember to take into account the different devices that your banner will be viewed on, to ensure the best user experience for as many customers as possible. Any time you add any kind of image to your Shopify it is important to check how it looks on a mobile device to ensure it looks just as professional as it does on a desktop.

Object and text placement

Your customers have different browsing preferences. Some of them prefer to use their phone to scroll through your products, and others mostly visit your website via desktop. In order to prevent vital information from being cropped out and to keep your Shopify banners looking professional, here are some best practices with formatting that you should keep in mind:

  • For your Shopify banner image, aim to have the focal point of the image (i.e., the part that attracts attention) either centered or on the right.
  • The text on your banner image should either be on the picture or added separately, depending on your theme’s specifications. If you can’t think of good copy to include, Newclick uses AI. to create and automatically schedule promotional banners, no coding required.

Of course, the best way to prevent your Shopify banners from being cropped is to get themes with responsive design, which means that your website ‘automatically’ adapts to various screen sizes by changing the ratio of your images or replacing them with other ones to fit the ratio size.

Are the Shopify banner size recommendations worth following?

Yes. According to Google, when page load increases, so do bounce rates (the rate at which customers leave your webpage). In particular:

  • An increase of load times from 1 to 3 seconds, the possibility of a user bouncing is at 32%.
  • If the load time increases to 10 seconds, the probability of a user bouncing increases to 123%. Ouch.

Optimizing page speed by using the right image sizes is one of the easiest ways to decrease bounce rate. Shopify allows a maximum image size of 20MB, but most of your images should ideally not even go beyond 1 MB to considerably reduce page load! Follow our recommendations for resolution sizes to make sure that your images don’t harm user experience.

Today, effective compression tools can reduce the size of an image by up to 50% whilst still maintaining a high quality, so the image quality itself will not be sacrificed. You can use the Shopify image resizer tool, for example, to compress your images. Image Optimizer, an image image optimization too, automatically compresses your image files. Both are available on the Shopify app store.

Shopify banner file image formats

Shopify allows images in the following file formats. Here are some tips for when you should use each one:

  • JPEG - Files from this format are normally small, which can be great for ensuring fast page load times. But the image quality deteriorates every time this format is compressed. At the same time, they don’t look as fresh on mobile devices and retina displays, so you want to use a theme optimized for retina display. Shopify recommends that you use JPEG files for banners, product images, pages and blog posts.
  • GIF - This file type can accommodate large resolutions for very low storage needs. But it can only support 256 colors, and the end product often stutters a lot. GIFs work well under product descriptions, especially if you want to visualize your instructions.
  • PNG - This file format provides high resolution and a full spectrum of colors, but its file sizes tend to be on the larger side, so you may want to use an image compressor to fix this. These are great for decorative images, such as logos, trims and borders.

Key takeaways

  • Check the image size recommendations that Shopify have for banners, and remember that the maximum image size isn’t necessarily the best one
  • Remember that your theme might have a different recommendation for image sizes, adhering to these will make for the best quality of images.
  • Remember to compress all of the images that you are using for Shopify banners, rather than using the image sizes as they are. This will make for a better user experience and keep more people looking at your store.
  • It is essential that you manage to find a balance between the quality of the image and the size. Well-designed banners are effective, but only insofar as they can be loaded quickly - when your page slows down, the likelihood of a visitor staying on the page decreases. Google suggests that even a load time of 3 seconds can affect this, decreasing stays by up to 32%
  • Use Newclick’s image resizer to ensure that the images have the correct aspect ratios.
  • Consider using a professional photographer to take the pictures if you want them to be custom, as this will ensure that they are high-quality and will keep your store looking professional. When working with a photographer, it is also a good idea to let them know the dimensions you will be using ahead of time so that they can take it into account. This will prevent banner images from being cut off when it comes to creating your Shopify banner.
  • If you’re strapped for cash, you can use your smartphone and use Easy Photo Background Remover to create great product images.

The best tool for creating and scheduling AI-generated Shopify banners

We know that for anyone running an online store and organizing promotions throughout the year, the last thing you want is a graphics editor that is difficult to use and takes a long time to create what you want. Even more importantly, your banner needs to be created in a way that does not compromise the quality of the picture - this is important if you want customers to stay on your page. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that writes exceptional promotional copy for you? Finally, what if this tool also schedules your promotional banners for you? Thankfully, it can all be done in one place. Newclick uses AI to create and schedule stunning promotional Shopify banners for your store in an easy way that doesn't require coding.

Shopify banner app

Begin by installing Newclick on Shopify and you will be able to easily make an announcement banner for your Shopify store. The app allows you to schedule when promotions and sales will begin and end as well as integrating more interactive features such as countdown times, links and emoji. Users can choose their background colour as well as their text to ensure that the banner is cohesive with the rest of the store and remains relevant to your brand.