10 Fantastic Shopify Coming Soon Pages Examples

10 Fantastic Shopify Coming Soon Pages Examples

At the very beginning of your Shopify eCommerce journey, you’ll need to make a coming soon page. This is formally known as a pre-launch page – and it is a placeholder page while you build your store, sort out your inventory and get ready to launch your site.

By using a coming soon page, you can get ahead on marketing – for example with placeholder pages, you’ll be able to get some SEO optimization in before you launch your site. You’ll also be able to invite visitors to add themselves to a mailing list and generate hype for your new store. To supercharge your Shopify marketing copy, why not try Newclick? Newclick allows you to generate great marketing copy, promotional banners, and popups using AI.

What makes a good store coming soon page?

Want a successful pre-launch campaign? If you’re looking to create a placeholder page that is effective at generating excitement around your product for its official launch, there are some fundamental features your page should have.

Each landing page should have:

  • A value proposition: What is your store, or key product? How can that add value to your customers? Add social proof that creates trust through video or text testimonials and whatnot, if you have those.
  • A clear call-to-action (CTA): How can your customers ‘get involved’ and keep updated when your store goes live? This is a perfect way to generate an audience base and retain visitors that are interested in your product. Add email signup forms to encourage subscription of your would-be customers. You could even introduce a countdown clock to instil a sense of urgency.
  • Product images: It’s useful to include the so-called Hero Shot of your product/s, and to include beautiful product photos. This helps your customers know exactly what to expect from what you sell. Make sure these images cater to the taste of your target customers.
  • Great copy: Make sure your brand has an engaging voice that answers potential customer questions and compels them to provide their email addresses. Nothing is more frustrating to read than copy that uses a lot of words that mean little! Tell your story! Stay relevant. And absolutely no fluff.
  • Encourage social media sharing: To drum up more leads and expand your store’s reach, your coming soon page should encourage your users to post about your store on social media. Include clickable social icons.

Why should you use a coming soon page?

As an online business owner, a coming soon page is a vital tool to build an audience before you launch your Shopify store. As we will see in the examples later in this article, you can kit out your coming soon page to increase engagement through calls-to-actions and social share buttons. Make sure that you also build your email list to engage with your prospective customers through effective email marketing.

Successful Shopify stores use pre-launch landing pages to gain leads for their launch. For example, Harry’s – a men’s grooming store – gathered 100,000 potential customers before their launch through their clever referral system.

Peanut butter brand Saha’s coming soon page grabbed 20,000 signups, with 94% of their mailing list signees opting to refer to friends and family.

Let’s explore 10 great examples of Shopify coming soon pages to give you some inspiration on a placeholder page for your brand-new online store.

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1. Retail Addict – Simple but Effective

Shopify coming soon pages examples

For our first example, we have a no-frills product coming soon page from Retail Addict that does the fundamentals perfectly. As soon as you load the page, you are greeting by the striking hero shot of this brand’s clothing.

The flavor text invites visitors to “get ready”, whilst also introducing the value proposition well by describing what the store is all about. The inclusion of the countdown clock helps visitors know when to come back – generating more hype and excitement around the launch.

Finally, there is a CTA in the form of a ‘Get Notified’ mailing list form – alongside clear social links to learn more and get in touch. Simple but effective!

2. Harry’s – Referral System

Shopify coming soon pages examples

This excellent coming soon page is a textbook example of how to drum up leads through a referral rewards system. Firstly, Harry’s implements a bold value proposition in “Shaving is Evolving” overlaying a fun and memorable image.

This store implements a referral system, where the CTA is sharing a unique link to friends. This helps extend the reach of your store by encouraging visitors to share your website with friends and family for free rewards. The ability to track a user’s own rewards progress is especially impressive.

Inviting users to share their unique link on social media like Facebook, and Twitter gives the store a kick start in social media marketing by creating a buzz and presence around the shop. These social media buttons could easy be kitted out to send pre-written posts with hashtags to boost your brand presence on these platforms.

3. Happy Camping (Shopify’s Example) – Competition Entry

Shopify coming soon pages examples

Happy Camper is not technically a real store, with this landing page being designed by the boffins at Shopify as an example. However, its merits as a product coming soon page are still clear.

This pre-launch page’s biggest asset is its competition entry, inviting visitors to enter their details to enter to win a free camping set. This is a fantastic incentive for users to sign up to a mailing list, drumming up some important leads before your store goes live.

Moreover, the value proposition is front-and-centre in a bold header. It’s wrapped by a useful hero shot of a tent, allowing users to know at a glance exactly what the store is all about. This excellent coming soon page is completed by a countdown timer at the top of the page.

4. House of HANNIE – Free Gift Vouchers

Shopify coming soon pages examples

House of HANNIE’s landing page offers 500 lucky visitors the chance to get $25 in gift vouchers in exchange for signing up to the mailing list. This helps guarantee return traffic to your store when it launches as these voucher holders would be looking to spend their store credit.

The inclusion of a “gift cards remaining” helps ‘sell’ the scarcity of these rewards, encouraging visitors to sign up quick to avoid missing out on their reward.

This page has a strong CTA, although its value proposition is weaker than other examples on this list – with it not being entirely clear what the store actually sells. It would also be useful to include store social media links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5. LAB Petite – Branding through Graphics

Shopify coming soon pages examples

LAB Petite’s coming soon page is another example that does the fundamentals incredibly well. The main draw of this landing page is its ability to build brand identity through the use of cutesy illustrations in the background that form the store’s logo.

The baby blue color palette correctly conveys the handmade, innocent aesthetic – with visitors associating the UI design with the kid-friendly nature of the brand. The CTA is clear with a mailing list sign up field, alongside a handy countdown timer.

The landing page is completed by small and unobtrusive social media icons inviting excited shoppers to follow the store on Instagram or Pinterest to keep updated. LAB Petite’s pre-launch page is a reminder that page design elements like color palettes images and layout are incredibly important for Shopify coming soon pages.

6. Popov Leather – Accepting Pre-Orders

Shopify coming soon pages examples

If you know exactly what you’re going to sell and are ready to take pre-orders – the coming soon page is a perfect place to do this. Popov Leather’s coming soon page showcases the crowdfunding pre-orders for their product.

If the user had visited the site before the fundraising had ended, they would be able to place an order for the wallet. Even after pre-orders have ended, this landing page has merit by explicitly presenting how popular the product is.

The extensive product images also help convey the product accurately – giving customers an in-depth look at the wallet before they buy.

7. LandApart – Invites Suggest Exclusivity

Shopify coming soon pages examples

LandApart’s coming soon page renames the mailing list to an “invite”. This helps create some level of exclusivity around the product launch. Users are likely to see anything that is scarce and limited as luxury, and this helps build a high-end brand image for your store.

Alongside the invite request system, LandApart offers an engaging value proposition and an awe-inspiring background image. An interesting inclusion to this landing page is a distinct About Us page. It may be useful to add a permanent About Us page to your Shopify store, allowing you to ‘tell your story’ to future customers whilst also providing a lasting anchor for SEO marketing.

While LandApart has a strong CTA and a bold value proposition, it could benefit from social media links to invite visitors to follow the brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

8. Fixers – Embrace the Hashtag

Shopify coming soon pages examples

Fixers’ coming soon page is another example of a simple but effective pre-launch landing page. This example is dominated by bold statements in its value proposition and the wording of its CTA.

This starts with the large heading reading “Life’s too short for ordinary holidays”. The tagline uses “the holiday you never thought you could have” as a proposition to inspire awe and desire from the viewer. This CTA is strong, with the store suggesting that not signing up to the mailing list (or “taking me away”) condemns you to “boring holidays”.

While LandApart has a strong CTA and a bold value proposition, it could benefit from social media links to invite visitors to follow the brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Whilst this sort of copywriting can seem a little too forced for some stores, if you’re selling an experience like a holiday, it can help inspire your visitors.

Another key feature of this landing page is the inclusion of the hashtag #ExtraordinaryHoliday. Seen as over-the-top by some, hashtags are still an important tool in social media marketing. A hashtag on a coming soon page could link to a pre-prepared social media post, inviting users to share their excitement for your store launch to their profiles. For instance, branded Instagram hashtags with the right ingredients can help you drive an engaging viral marketing campaign on the platform for the launch!

9. NOMA Collective – Elegant Design

Shopify coming soon pages examples

The NOMA Collective coming soon page is elegant and beautiful. Crafted with a serif font and gorgeous pastel colors, this landing page creates a brand image of comfort and class: perfect for the artisan goods store.

The store description is inspiring, alluding to a “story behind each product” – successfully creating an impression of luxury for the visitor. The fundamentals of a good coming soon page are all there: a bold value proposition and a clear mailing list CTA.

It would have been nice to see some social media links at the bottom of this page, perhaps with modified logos to match the color palette of the store. Overall, NOMA Collective have created a very strong coming soon page.

10. Winter Wonderland – Hero Shot

Shopify coming soon pages examples

Our final example is one that uses the hero shot masterfully. Winter Wonderland’s coming soon page is wrapped with a large image of a model sporting the store’s winterwear.

When paired with the value proposition heading: “Winter is coming, are you ready?”, it’s clear this store will be a winter clothing brand, without the need to explicitly say. The CTA is also strong here, with the promise of “winter-wonderland magic”.

This coming soon page is rounded off with some social media icons, inviting visitors to share the store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Pre-Launch Landing Pages are Integral for a Successful Launch

There we have it, that was 10 fantastic examples of store coming soon pages to inspire your brand-new store. It’s vital you implement a well-designed landing page before your store goes live.

Without the traction of a mailing list and SEO exposure, your store launch risks being underwhelming – as you won’t have the impressions, leads and thus sales to make an impactful start. Coming soon pages are first and foremost a marketing tool to expand the reach of your store before it launches. The most effective uses of coming soon pages pair them with referral rewards or even pre-orders to make a Shopify store a viral sensation before they make a single shipment.

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Newclick makes designing your Shopify store and generating marketing material super easy. Head over to Newclick.io to give it a shot!